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Dating apps are available all over the internet now. 20 years ago, peoples couldn't imagine being in relationships with other singles through a few conversations on an online platform, but now times have changed; it's all about finding love through the web, no matter if it’s on the app or dating sites.

OneNightFriend logo

5 /5

ONF is a casual hookup dating sites that promotes no-strings-attached kind of relationships. The website has around 900 thousands of users, amongst which 55% are women and 45% are men. Guys and gals registered on are mostly in the age category of 20-40, meaning the website is popular amongst older individuals and younger adventure seekers.

The unique features of include "Winking" at other users to show attention and not thinking of a witty message of any kind, manual or automatic match-up (via the swiping game) and mass messages with pre-recorded pickup lines to grab the attention of other members around you.


  • Multiple free features
  • Low cost 3-days trial
  • 5-free messages daily


  • No functioning app for either Android or iOS
  • No couple sharing

The pricing for premium packages on include:

  1. 1-months membership for 39.00 USD
  2. 3-months membership for 65.70 USD
  3. 6-months membership for 106.20 USD
Benaughty logo

5 /5

Looking for a hookup dating site for singles and couples? This may fit, as the website is home to almost 800.000 users worldwide, with the most considerable traffic coming from the USA. The members are mostly in their 20s or 30s. Women dominate the website, with approximately 60% of users registered as females and 40% registered as males. Read more

Some of the unique features of include:

  1. Like gallery: you can rate users as hot or not through the like gallery
  2. Account promoting feature: lets you promote your account to a large number of users to increase chances of hookups
  3. Full safe mode and basic safe mode: mode safe modes allow users to be contacted by account verified or prevent contact from accounts reported.
  4. Extra free features are for female-users only – they are encouraged to join and can send messages for free.


  • User-friendly desktop and mobile versions
  • A large user base
  • 5-free messages daily
  • For women it is really a free dating site


  • No functioning app
  • Some ads are annoying

The pricing for premium on is as follows:

  1. 3-days trial for a total of 2.97 USD
  2. 1-week package for a total of 1.00 USD
  3. 1-month package for a total of 28.80 USD
  4. 3 months package for a total of 46.60 USD
Flirt logo

5 /5 launched in 2009 as an adult casual and hookup dating site that lets users indulge in non-serious relationships. The website has over one million users, of which most are women accounting for 60% of the website traffic while the remaining 40% are men. The majority of the females and males registered on are in the 20-30s. The large people population on is due to its once completely free features for female users.

Some of the special features of that make it unique include:

  1. Safe mode: rescrict access to your account for any unverified users (bots almost always fall into that category). They simply can’t contact you so you are safe from any automated scam attacks.
  2. Anonymous browsing: allows premium members to view other user's profiles and navigate around in incognito mode.
  3. Chatrooms: multiple chatrooms with different kinky discussions.
  4. Video uploads: lets users upload videos to their profile. This 30s video serves as an "about me."


  • Multiple communication features
  • A functioning PC website that's also mobile-friendly.
  • 5-free messages daily


  • No app for either iOS or Android

The premium package on varies in prices with sales that can be caught all around the year.

  1. 3-days trial for a total of 2.97 USD
  2. 1-month premium package for a total of 28.80 USD
  3. 3-months premium package for a total of 48.60 USD
Tinder logo

4 /5

You heard about that one. It is an online dating app that isn't classified as either a serious long-term relationship kind of dating app or a screw-around have fun kind of dating app. Most users on Tinder are of the age group 18-25, which is very young. Tinder has more than 50 million registered accounts, making it an excellent platform for people looking for quick matches. Read more

Special features available exclusively on Tinder include it:

  1. Swipe feature
  2. Superlike (like a profile that you're very interested in)
  3. Video chatting


  • Fully function app for both Android and iOS
  • A large number of registered profiles from all across the globe
  • Relatively simple signup process that takes less than a few minutes.
  • Swipe features make the app interesting


  • majority of users are 18-25
  • Branding is unclear
  • The pricing for packages is more costly for users above 28, which seems unfair.

The pricing on Tinder is slightly confusing since it is divided into two categories:

Gold membership

  1. 1 month 14.99 USD/month
  2. 6 months 8.83 USD/month
  3. 12 months 6.92 USD/month

Plus membership

  1. 1 month 9.99 USD/month
  2. 6 months 5.83 USD/month
  3. 12 months 4.58 USD/month
POF logo

4 /5, which was previously plenty of fish, is an online dating platform that promises to provide you matches for long-term relationships. The website claims to have formed over 2 million matches per day. has more than 150 million registered accounts, with most of the users registered as men (60%) and fewer women (40%). The website is mostly home to users in their 20s and 30s, while the next most popular age group is the 40s and 50s. Read more

The premium features available on the website include:

  1. Nearby: this feature shows you users and matches you with users close to you.
  2. Chemistry predictor: This feature allows users to answer a series of questions at the end of which the users will receive a full report on the chemistry with specific users. The test is divided into parts, which can be given all at once or one-by-one.
  3. Meet me: lets you match their users who live close to you and would like to have an in-person encounter.
  4. Top prospectus: this feature shows users a list that includes the account names of users you've most engaged with over the last 30 days


  • Multiple communication methods that are free
  • A live streaming feature that most dating sites don't have
  • A functioning app is available for Android and iOS
  • A large community


  • The majority of users are men
  • Annoying advertisements

The pricing mentioned on include:

  1. 2-months premium package for 19.35 USD/month
  2. 4-months premium package for 12.75 USD/month
  3. 8-months premium package for 10.18 USD/month
OkCupid logo

4 /5

OkCupid is an online dating platform that's ambiguous with its branding; some users say it's best to find the love of your life, while others say it's a site for people looking for a good time. To sum it up, OkCupid is both a serious and non-serious dating site. Read more

OkCupid has over 50 million users worldwide, where 65% of the accounts are men, and 35% of the accounts are women. Most users on the website are in their 20s, 30s, and 50s. Some of the features unique to OkCupid include:

  1. A feature that allows you to view who likes you and who you've liked
  2. Boost feature that promotes your account
  3. Stacks organization feature that lets users categorize matches


  • The couple sharing feature is available
  • More than 20 gender and orientation options.
  • A functioning app is available for Android and iOS
  • A large community


  • Dominantly male users
  • No ad feature only available for premium members
  • Tries too hard to be super-progressive

Pricing on OkCupid is divided into 3 categories, which include:

Boost package

  • 1 credit for 1.99 USD
  • 5 credits for 9.45 USD
  • 10 credits for 1.69 USD
  • A-list premium package

  • 1 month for 24.90 USD
  • 3 months for 68.70 USD
  • 6 months for 119.40 USD
  • A-list basic package

  • 1 month for 7.95 USD
  • 3 months for 19.05 USD
  • 6 months for 23.70 USD
Bumble logo

3 /5

It is an online free to use dating platform which put women at the front for making a choice in the dating game. Bumble is a site that lets women engage with other users who are interested in the same kind of activities. The website has over 40 million users worldwide, amongst which the majority are women account for a total of 65%, and the remaining 35% are men. Most of the users can be put in the age category of 18-35 years. Read more is very similar to Tinder in the features it provides its users with. Some of the features unique to bumble include:

  1. Superswipe: Lets user know they've caught your attention amongst the pool of crowd
  2. BumbleBff: bumble lets users make friends besides allowing them to find dates. If you don't want to date someone and just befriend them, then add them add bumblebff.
  3. Bumble hive: one of the most unique bumble features is its regular sponsor hosted events, which bumble users can join for free.


  • Women take charge on the website taking pressure off men
  • BumbleBFF lets users add other users as friends
  • A functioning app is available for Android and iOS
  • A one-time lifetime subscription package


  • Dominantly female users
  • Guys don’t have a lot of opportunities

Pricing on bumble is all over the place. There are most offers that users should miss out on, such as the lifetime premium membership at the cost of only 149.99 USD. Other packages mentioned on the website include:

Bumble boost subscription for:

  • 10.99 USD for 1 week
  • 24.99 USD for 1 month
  • Bumble credits for:

  • 1.99 USD for 1 credit
  • 8.99 USD for 5 credit
  • 14.99 USD for 10 credit
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