Tinder Review

Tinder Rating

Tinder Rating

4 /5









  • Easy to use interface
  • Introduction of the revolutionary way of finding dates with the swipe feature
  • The basic app is free to use
  • No limits on messaging
  • Not so much for dating but more for casual hookups
  • Too many ways to spend money using the app
  • Has an age-based pay structure, which means if you're over 31, you pay more
  • Information on matches is limited

Tinder Reviews

"I have met many matches on Tinder, and I love the simplicity of it. I used to use Facebook to meet singles, but this has completely changed my life" - Sarah Moore

"Tinder is good fun, but it can prove to be slightly boring at times. Swiping was addictive at first, but then I found that I was wasting my time really. Still, if you need someone to talk or go on a date with – it's just the best." - Chris Mosely

"I had read some Tinder reviews for guys and thought it might be for me. It worked, simple as that – lots of matches and new contacts." - Ben Jones

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Is Tinder A Trustworthy Service?

This Tinder Review is as honest as possible, and it has to be said that there should be some caution used when using Tinder. The service is super-simple to join, opening it up to fake profiles.

However, it's worth noting that it's one of the most popular services of the modern age designed to help singles meet. Unlike dating services that are created for romance, Tinder isn't necessarily an online dating site for men and women.

Consider it an app that's made for meeting people based mostly on their looks

Despite this, it's worth understanding that Tinder does sell data. Sharing information is part of the service, but Tinder was found to be violating data protection laws.

Can Men Use Tinder?

What this Tinder app review will provide is who Tinder is aimed at. The great news is that it's a service that's available to men and women.

It's an open platform whereby singles can discover people, regardless of their needs. Whether you're straight, bisexual, lesbian, or gay, it's a service that offers something for everyone.

What Is The Member Structure?

As a hugely popular dating app, it has millions of members around the world. Only in the UK, there are 4 million members, and over 1 million are active weekly.

The majority of users are young and male users make up over 60%. This ensures that users have plenty of options when meeting new people. It's one of the top products available out there.

Many users are aged between 18 and 35 years old, with the majority coming from America.

Joining Tinder

As expected, signing up at Tinder is quick and simple. It takes around five minutes to sign up. You'll be required to provide a mobile number or email address for verification purposes.

Once you've been verified, you'll be required to provide further details, including name, birthday, gender, and profile image. You won't be required to connect a Facebook account like other services, but if you do, the service will highlight mutual interests with other users.

However, there's a range of functions available that require payment.

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What Is Matchmaking Like On Tinder?

What makes Tinder unique is its ability to match people. It's possible to send messages for free. The swipe feature is essentially the matchmaking algorithm.

It provides potential matches in an unlimited radius (with a premium account) then swipe left or right on to like or dislike a user. Once you have swiped several times, the service builds up a profile based on your likes.

It's clever and intuitive, providing something different.

Tinder Profile Insight

The profile layout is unique and well-designed. You can add music and photos that provide users with the ability to understand you better. You can connect to Instagram, too, allowing users to see more of your pics.

You can keep profiles basic if you wish, but the more information, the more likely you are to meet someone. Despite this, profiles could include more details as they can be vague.

Tinder App Quality

What makes Tinder massively unique how it's designed mainly for mobile phones. It's a modern service for bringing people together, and most people spend more time on their smartphones.

Swiping is easier using a smart device, while the layout is elegant and sleek. It helps to become familiar with the app prior to using it. This will ensure you understand every feature.

Usability And Quality Of Design

Tinder is designed for mobile devices and modern users. The design is extremely sleek and smart. The intuitive design ensures users can instantly begin using the service with very little knowledge or experience.

Everything is simple to find, and icons are well laid out. Usability is excellent too. Registration is simple to understand, while the swipe feature is completely intuitive. In a matter of minutes, users become familiar with the service.

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What Does Tinder Cost?

The Tinder app is free to download, providing members with a free basic service. They can meet people using the free service, but there are fee-based services too. Users can opt for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

These premium upgrades have features including unlimited likes, five super likes per day, and swipe rewind. What sets them apart is that Tinder Gold enables you to see who liked you first.

Tinder Plus

  • 1 Month - 4.99 GBP / Month
  • 6 Months - 2.50 GBP / Month
  • 12 Months - 1.92 GBP / Month

Tinder Gold

  • 1 Month - 7.49 GBP / Month
  • 3 Months - 9.32 GBP / Month
  • 12 Months - 3.50 GBP / Month

Unique Special Features

Tinder comes packed with special features that enhance the experience for users.

Boost - Users can boost their profile, ensuring they remain ahead of other users.

Super Boost - Subscribing to super-boost ensures users can be viewed by more potential matches. During peak times, it can increase chances by 100 times.

Super like - Each day, users have one super like. This can be sent to any member to match instantly. For more super likes, you'll need a premium account.

Swipe Around The World - Tinder matches people based on location. However, this feature enables users to find people anywhere in the world.

Top Picks - This feature provides tailor profiles picked specifically for you. It helps speed up the process but requires you to be honest when creating your search criteria.

Swipe Night - This feature is about understanding users' decisions to create matches. Play this game where users can choose their own adventure. Swiping left or right to make decisions enable Tinder to determine who could be a match.

Tinder Support And Security

Tinder is an open app that can be exposed by fake accounts. Therefore, users are required to report fake accounts instantly. In terms of security, the site uses all necessary security certificates, although risks are always present.

tinder support

Is Tinder.com For You?

Tinder.com is designed for everyone, although it's mainly used by young people, and it is primarily an online dating site for men. Remember, it's not a dating service per se, but a match-up service.

It's ideal for those seeking quick meetups with like-minded people. If you're looking for fun with a twist, then Tinder could be it.

Expert`s Conclusion

Our Tinder app review is aimed to create clarity when providing information on this modern service. We believe that Tinder has more than enough to offer people seeking casual dates.

It's ideal for people living fast-paced lives who want to meet someone quickly. The idea is brilliant and adds a unique approach to meeting partners. Tinder certainly has a lot, and it's why millions of people use it.

Tinder Review


4 /5


What Are The Top Tinder Hacks?

One of the best hacks is the Super Boost feature. Known to be the best tool, it enables you to put your profile at the top of the pile. This increases your chances of finding romance.

When Should You Upgrade Tinder?

Tinder is free but can be upgraded. Upgrading does cost, but you'll get more features, including swipe rewind, five super likes per day, and one boost per month. If you require more from Tinder, then it's worth upgrading.

Is Tinder Available Around The World?

Tinder has millions of users around the world, and it is available worldwide.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Use Tinder?

Users need to be at least 18 years old.

Can I Use Tinder On My Computer?

While Tinder is mainly used on smart devices, it is possible to use it on your computer. The web version was introduced some time ago, but it slightly takes away the thrill of swiping by your own hand.

What Are The Differences Between Tinder Plus And Tinder Gold

Both accounts are premium accounts that offer unique features such as boost and super likes. Tinder Gold enables users to identify who like them first

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