Zoosk Review: a Matchmaking Giant

Zoosk always intended to supplement an easy and uncomplicated matchmaking process for its users. The matchmaking algorithm is fairly effective for use. Even those that may be unaccustomed to internet dating can eliminate issues navigating it.

Zoosk   Rating

Zoosk Rating

4 /5










Established brand

Positive Testimonials

Fluid and secure registration


Dated visuals and graphics

Complimentary content is limited

Adverts on the app

Zoosk Reviews

“Zoosk is light-hearted, modern, and a bit of fun. I always find that dating apps can be too formal where people take themselves too seriously. It was cool to see that my Zoosk promo code worked the first time and hooked me up with some sweet contacts. I am going to ask the family for Zoosk coupons for my birthday. I literally don’t want anything else! ”

Christopher Gallagher

“My account is inundated. It’s message after message. The matches must have got some serious discount from Zoosk to afford all the love they send my way! Keep it coming boys, I’m in my element and wish I’d signed up years ago.”

Anne Frederick

“When I lost my Zoosk login to my account. I was devastated. Luckily the support team was able to sort it for me within record time. I’d expect nothing less from them: a very professional outfit and nothing but the best service and interaction since I joined in the spring. My favorite attribute is the carousel; I can’t get enough of it. Dating roulette, whatever next! Big thumbs up and would recommend it to all!”

Timmy-Lloyd Hasselbaink

Is Zoosk legit?

Yes. For over a decade, they have been promoting a platform for unattached members exceeding 85 countries all over the world. Zoosk is consistently one of the chosen launchpads for romantic relationships since their introduction right up to the present day.

Since its formation, they have obtained more than 35 million members, helped many of them stop being single, and are regularly ranked highly by respected industry experts.

How to use Zoosk?

After inputting the required personal data, a verification link is forwarded to the electronic mail address saved on your new profile. Once you press this link, web access is instantaneous. Although, any roaming is restricted until you activate personal usage by stating a private number then presenting codes forwarded to that phone.

Subscribers could be urged to raise their profile authenticity by syncing any social media presence to the Zoosk matchmaking account.

Member structure

A high proportion of members lie within the group of 25-34 with an impressive 35 million users spread worldwide, including 500,000 from Great Britain. There are solid odds of matching in tandem a suitor when the active weekly number is 80,000.

  • The gender split is tightly proportionate
  • User activity is high
  • Most users have their accounts validated
  • Vast amounts of members seek serious intentions and permanent commitment

Zoosk Sign in/sign up

Zoosk identifies VPN; users must join via zip-code used in the nation of residence.

This ensures that registration is an uncomplicated exercise. Simply need to complete a personal data form. This involves revealing your sex and sexual orientation, D.O.B, electronic mail address, and zip-code to aid with search criteria.

zoosk rating by trustpilot

Matchmaking on Zoosk

Contacting fellow users could be problematic or frustrating should you not be a full subscriber. As a non-charged patron, the absence of the ability to view accounts and issue flirt updates definitely limits individual dating capabilities.

The people you contact with these flirt prompts can see them, but as a free patron, you can’t respond either. Similarly, electronic gifts necessitate a paid membership, so you can reply to any you receive. If you send any, the same will apply to the recipient.

Profile quality

Most accounts do not appear to be complex and 70% filled in, simplifying so anyone can determine if the person in front of you is suitable or not. Validation of identification is essential and also required at Zoosk. Any account view shows if members have verified who they are and how they did it, which is extremely reassuring.

Zoosk app review

The app is almost identical to the site. The single thing absent on the app might be the ‘Dating-Insights’ content. It just won’t squeeze into the app screen as this content portrays a lot of data. It would remain extremely awkward to read, even if it was possible.

The app’s functionality is aimed at busy individuals. All the contacting and search elements are down below on the screen, so you won’t get lost. The outlook of the app is additionally straightforward.

zoosk rating by google play

Design and usability

The outstanding negative on the Zoosk is the constant flow of advertisements that can interrupt the fluidity of the process and stop you from enjoying the app’s functionality. This problem is eradicated by purchasing a ‘premium-membership’; any disruptions automatically vanish with the higher-priced subscription.

Design-wise, Zoosk may benefit from a makeover to enhance its basic appeal to the youthful audience it targets. Despite this, the platform is presented as good enough for people to dismiss this lack of aesthetics and entice millennials to sign up anyway.

Special features

Instead of getting their users to fill in an individual assessment initially, Zoosk’s ‘Behavioural pairing’ capabilities gradually learn about every person, the more they visit this platform to build a romance.

The pairing of technology ‘Smart-Pick’ utilizes the behavioral content the format has collected and pairs you with a member matching on that information. This specific content can be viewed via ‘dating-insights’ if you are intrigued about how Zoosk views the interactions online.

Security and support

The failure to confirm your personal identity may prevent you from utilizing the product to discover any would-be suitors. Although, if anyone does come across a scam, identify them and report via the Zoosk support and management, who will act accordingly. The prices are viable before any discount for Zoosk is applied:

Cost and prices

1 month $29.99

3 months $59.99

6 months $89.94

Zoosk Cancellation

To cancel your subscription at any time in the account settings area. Zoosk’s premium features are still available to you until the commencement of the billing cycle.

zoosk rating by app store

Experts Conclusion

The efficient profile validation provides peace of mind and assurance you are linking with genuine people. A novice in the internet love-searching scene or an experienced dater could unearth whoever they seek on Zoosk’s gigantic base.

Zoosk has proven to be a wise option for today’s busy adults who desire to upgrade their matchmaking game and find a partner they always imagined. The platform plays host to multiple testimonials of real-life users who have found life-partners.

Zoosk Review


4 /5


What is Zoosk?

It is a global matchmaking platform that launches the search for all kinds of interactions. It is versatile in a method that refuses to split any persons who wish to find low-key hookups and anyone who wishes to discover lasting commitment. Alternatively, it endeavors to introduce similarly-minded single adults that mutually crave similar things to each other.

Is Zoosk free?

Registering up and browsing is not charged, but using SMS to contact fellow users is very much a chargeable format.

How to cancel Zoosk?

Visit the settings, choose ‘Account-status,’ then press edit. Here you are given the ability to get rid of an account.

Is Zoosk a scam?

No. This is not a scam and has a global following of loyal and trusted members.

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