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We’ve all experienced the thrill of venturing out on a road trip and navigating our way through unchartered territory while relying on navigation and maps to get us to our destination. However, frustration can creep into road trips when it comes to discovering pit stops along the way. With more than a 2.5million users and more than 400,000 users using the app each month, initial indications suggest this is an app that works. Therefore, iExit for Android could be the solution you’re looking for, so we’re going to delve into its features and help you determine whether it’s right for you!

IExit Rating

IExit Rating

4 /5










Suitable for all users

Find attractions and popular places along any journey

Intuitive app

Easy to use


Can be used by passengers only

Requires regular updates

IExit User Reviews

We ventured out on a road trip and decided to give the app a try. It allowed us to make instant, last-minute decisions, and discover new attractions that we never knew existed. Overall, the app enhanced our experience and has convinced us to continue using it. - Kelly Barton

I loved how it continuously updated our location, which enabled us to find gas stations and restaurants. The voice integration is amazing and informed us of upcoming attractions, opportunities to refuel, and restaurants. - Chris Spencer

One simple download was all it took, and we were on our way. It was exciting to use because the design was clear and sharp, and every menu and function was simple to understand. We set it up and headed off, and it worked instantly. We were so informed on our trip we made better decisions and it made the adventure even better! - Adam Bedder

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Is iExit legit?

One thing we particularly found appealing about iExit is that it feels true and honest. We have reviewed many apps throughout the years and discovered plenty that doesn’t feel legitimate. The idea behind the service is to provide assistance on road trips for people seeking a simple solution to finding attractions along the way.

We didn’t discover anything suspicious about the app when signing up or providing our personal information. It simply provides a unique approach to heading out on the road, and we feel as though users are going to feel safe when using it.

How does iExit work?

iExit promises to provide users with the potential to organize every road trip. There’s no more venturing out with little information on stops along the way because iExit takes care of that. The app is versatile enough to work for both long and short journeys, giving drivers and passengers the potential to save time and make better choices.

The app has joined forces with Yelp, Travel Coupons, and OPIs to provide top deals for every journey as well as the latest information. It’s essentially like having a well-informed passenger in the car who knows it all.

It works by calling on more than 38,000 Zip Codes to collect information before collating it to provide current data and information for drivers. When users begin using the app, it picks up their location and where they’re heading.

From this moment on, it continually updates by providing lists as drivers move along their journey. What’s more, it provides the latest price of gas along the journey and deals for fast food, coffee, and even attractions such as zoos – perfect for couples with easily bored children.

Essentially, users can plan trips better, choose where they plan to stop, and make diversions based on exciting attractions they want to try out. Furthermore, it’s also amazingly useful for medical emergencies, which are a possibility at any time.

Along with this, if couples find themselves hitting the highway on a date after meeting on dating sites, they can inject fun into the experience by allowing iExit to dictate where their date goes! We thought that was pretty cool!

iExit sign up

Once users have downloaded the app, they are required to register a new account. This includes providing an email address, name, and password. The process takes nothing more than a few seconds, which we considered to be impressive. This is particularly true when users might download this during a trip.

With the registration process complete, users can then begin using the app.

Review of the iExit App

Upon registering, we were impressed by design. It’s important to remember that this service is app-based only. We loved the home screen layout because it’s clear and concise, something which is crucial when on the road. Users have the option to choose “Find Me on The Highway,” “View Nearby Highways,” “Select Any Highway,” and “Search by Location.”

The app is extremely intuitive to use, keeping functionality simple and effective. The first option to locate drivers on the highways provides a real-time position of their journey. This allows drivers to discover attractions and pit stops on their current journey.

We found that the “select Any Highway” function allowed us to select any highway across America. This was particularly useful for planning ahead and choosing the best routes to take. It provides a list of states and highways, allowing users to select their direction, again providing a list of exits and what drivers can find on those exits.

Finally, users can search by location, whereby they can opt to select attractions along the route such as gas, food, lodging, coffee, and rest areas. It is clear that iExit creates a unique experience for users, providing a wealth of possibilities to enhance their journey and increase the ease with which they travel!

IExit rating by google play

Design and Usability

We’ve seen poorly designed apps, greatly designed, but iExit goes above and beyond. It’s simple, intuitive, and really sleek. Every menu and function are simple to identify using large buttons, which is great when driving in a car.

The lists are clear, the icons are bright, and searching locations couldn’t be easier. We believe that design is crucial for apps that appeal to drivers, and this ticks every box. The map is clear too, which enables drivers and users to clearly see where they are.

We found that functions are efficient, and usability is great, making it ideal for young and old users.

Special Features

The app is about providing assistance for drivers, and it does what it promises. It’s packed with great functionality, which includes providing information on a range of attractions along any journey.

Users can store their favorite exits, businesses, and chains, allowing them to return to them should they need too.

Security and Support

The app does provide support should users experience any problems via the “Submit Feedback” menu. It’s a simple contact form that users submit with their email address.

Users have the option to purchase an add-on that enables them to view live gas prices. This can be paid through Google Play, which follows all security protocols per Google’s terms and conditions.

Costs and Prices

We are impressed with the availability of the app as it’s completely free to download. The basic features are free to use, which we thought was particularly important and a definite positive. Should users want to upgrade, then for $1.99, they can access live gas prices from a range of suppliers across the US.

IExit rating by app store

Experts Conclusion

In a world of convenience, iExit for Android adds a new dimension to any journey. It’s great for providing up-to-date information about surroundings and attractions while also allowing users to plan ahead. It’s always useful to have this information readily available when driving. We consider that a huge benefit of using the app.

Ultimately, we were impressed and consider this one of the most complete and usable services on the market.

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IExit Review


4 /5
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