How To Meet A Girl If You Are A Shy Lesbian?

How To Meet A Girl

‘How to get a girlfriend if you are shy?’ has got to be one of the most commonly asked questions amongst all age groups. No matter your sexual orientation, if you are shy, it will always be tough at first. Boys liking girls, girls liking girls, women fancying women, and so on is almost irrelevant. What you look like and what your sexual preference is will have no bearing on this uncomfortable process. Nerves are nerves no matter how you dress them up. The awkward approach won’t alter, and The butterflies in your stomach will remain.

The good news is there a plenty of ways to meet a girl if you are one of the shy lesbians. There is the old-school way of visiting a bar. Alternatively, the modern approach is online dating. Of course, there are pros and cons to both, and which you prefer will be determined by your individual personality preferences. It’s not everyone’s style to be galivanting around town hunting for single women. On the other hand, not everyone is tech-savvy enough to be able to successfully execute online dating with accuracy.

If you go to a lesbian bar, follow these handy tips;

  • Stay Off Your Phone and look approachable
  • Shoot sultry looks across the bar and portray self-awareness
  • Order an exotic looking cocktail to stand out and draw attention
  • Bring A Book (Feminist/Social Justice-Themed) to spark a conversation
  • Wear Something Spectacularly Queer to show your lesbian type
  • Wear a Conversation Starter like a statement t-shirt

If you would prefer online dating, then pay attention to this advice;

  • Pick a site with strong verification processes
  • Choose a company with strong ratings and experience
  • Read real user reviews before selecting your site
  • Be aware of scammers
  • Report suspicious behavior
  • Don’t give another user personal information like bank details

The thing about shyness is that it eventually goes away, the more you practice being more assertive. So, let’s sum up, how to get a girlfriend if you are shy? Get out there and try and be a little bit persistent. Just take baby steps for now until you are ready. Try not to force things. Often, we get what we want when we stop searching, and things surprise us when we least expect them to.

How To Not Be Shy Around Your Girlfriend

How To Not Be Shy Around Your Girlfriend

The important thing to remember is that she is your girlfriend for a reason. To get to this point, she must like you. You must have given her some sort of reason to be interested in you. That should give you confidence. If nothing else, it’s the first reason not to be shy around your girlfriend because she has already expressed intrigue in you. That may stem from your blindingly good looks or the absorbing personality you boast. Whatever it is, embrace it. She likes you already, so that is a significant box ticked.

If she’s already your girlfriend, then more often than not, you will have already said something silly or unveiled an unusual trait in front of her. That’s natural and to be expected when people hang out together. So, if you feel uptight about being in her company and not wanting to make a mistake’ then RELAX. Little mannerisms, your body language, personal opinions are just as likely to be the reason she is into you as they are to put her off. BE YOU!

If, for any reason, you are still stuck in your nervous state, remember that for any shy lesbians to get a relationship, they must think outside the box. Be creative until you become more comfortable in her company. Don’t play with your phone when together for a start; you need to be attentive at all times. The more aware you are of your surroundings will inadvertently increase your comfort level. Don’t talk for the sake of it; you’ll end up waffling on, and your unease will be apparent. Make an interesting conversation about world events or things you have in common. Talk about your day and crucially, ask her about hers without cutting her off. Pay attention. Then, topics will naturally come up as you both let your words flow and forget about any initial apprehension.


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